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Xiamen Holly Lite Co., Ltd.

LED street lights, LED shoeboxes, LED canopy lights, LED wall packs, LED flood lights, LED high bay lights

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    No. 81, Lianmei 3rd Road, Tong'an, Xiamen, Fujian, China
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Company Profile
Holly Lite expertly designs, engineers and manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality, competitively priced outdoor LED luminaires for commercial and residential area, site and roadway applications. With a thriving track of growth from 2006 in the industry, Holly Lite has been moving ahead as a modern company that actively sets trends in terms of design, technology and sustainability. Through dedication to innovative design, intricate craftsmanship and high-tech engineering processes, Holly Lite has built an array of cost-effective solutions that fulfil every lighting requirement with years of dependable performance. Holly Lite maintains an unrivaled understanding of the lighting industry and pledges to continue its quest in developing cutting edge products that deliver increasing performance and energy savings.

Located in Xiamen, China, Holly Lite is a vertically-integrated engineering and manufacturing company which utilizes the latest in computer-controlled equipment for ultra precision machining and mass production. Holly Lite operates a modern 30,000-square-meter facility that offers a full package of in-house capabilities including industrial design, LED performance assessments, product development and prototyping, production of fixture components, SMT operation, powder coating, and fixture assembly. Its in-house testing facility is fully equipped to perform essential safety and performance testing for robustness in application and reliable performance over rated life. Holly Lite's highly qualified engineers are dedicated to creating innovative lighting solutions by leveraging their in-depth experience in conceptual design, proof-of-concept prototyping and lean manufacturing.

Holly Lite's comprehensive catalogue offering includes an evolving range of specification grade luminaires including LED street lights, LED shoeboxes, LED canopy lights, LED wall packs, LED flood lights and LED high bay lights. The synergistic combination of high quality LEDs, precision engineered optics, optimum thermal management and rugged, weatherproof construction brings a completely new level of lighting performance with maximum performance, minimal maintenance, high lumen maintenance and low total cost of ownership. Holly Lite's products undergo extensive testing of electrical, optical, and thermal properties to comply with an extensive portfolio of market and industry standards which include UL, ETL, FCC, DLC, CUL, CETL, TEMPO21, CE, CQC and CNS, etc.
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